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About Mark Patterson Jr. Equally gender issues too, mostly in my community. It is very helpfull to accomplish the mission. Management should keep it up. The training materials too was helpful". Good work to you all.

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I highly recommend the courses for myseslf and other members within and outside the United Nations environment. Thank you very much for the opportunities you gave or provided to us for free of charge. Some important do's and don'ts for blue helmets must be made part of this course". Excellent as an introductory course for further studies. Nevertheless, I will also suggest a PDF form-like quizzes that will enable readers take the quizzes without seeing the answers until the end of each quiz, then a summary with be computed with the respective correct answers and displayed to the reader.

It also gives an insight into the administrative responsibilities and functions of each organ of the UN. It is clear and concise. As matter of fact, it's written by professional of the military art. It is the memory of their labor in serving their nation and the world. Functions of the military, police and civil components in mission areas.

I encourage her or him to get acquaintances with it. All the Peacekeepers should have this course. It is one of the best courses I that I have ever attempted. Many thanks to the course author. I will continue doing other courses in near future. I have truly enjoyed, learned and realized the great job and reasons behind the highly valuable UN operations specifically this critical peace keeping operations which plays a vital role in the maintenance of humanity and human dignity.

I encourage all to try and give time to understand this well organized content in this course. Thank you all, Bukhari ". It has broaden my knowledge in Core Pre-deployment. Recommended for all especially military personnel. The knowledge received from the course has widened my knowledge and understanding on how the United Nations is structured. I am very delighted to have taken part in this course ". I really enjoy the course as well. Nice course, Thanks to you the author ". It helps acquire a sound understanding of the key aspects of peacekeeping in the world.

My suggestion is that this course should be included at post graduate level for humanities sciences. I'll recommend for all of my friends. I think now I'm more prepared for the mission. Thank you Peace Operations Training Institute. I recommend that it could be an second term career option for the personnel who are completing this course all over the world. It could be an asset to the UN to find out the right people around the world and meet the mission requirement in an experienced way. Gives a broader persoective on the subject.

A must for all peace keepers. It is easy to read, and have illustrative examples. I will sincerely recommend it. A useful material to know and understand the spectrum of peacekeeping operations. Different types of peacekeeping operations and the main bodies of the UN are sufficiently described, ". I appreciate all the it contains. Most likely you will find new and good aspects while going through the course, even though you were deployed before. It helped me a lot and certainly will make a difference in the mission. All a peacekeeper needs to know before deployment". La pratique de cei mais vraiment utile".

It can be an overview of planning and conducting full range of UN missions. I encourage you to spend a small part of your free time trying to learn a lot of useful things. So I recommend to anyone to take up the online courses. Good luck to prospective Peacekeepers. It was detailed in all aspects covering every topic UN has in its mandate".

It's possible to verify if the answer of the question 13, is correct or not? Because we have a questionary in the page the material in PDF and the question number 8 says the same thing that I wrote in the test. Thanks for the great course! Best regards, Cleilton Batko.

It has prepared me for any possible deployment to a mission. The Knowledge acquired is necessary and excellent. Being a New Zealander, passing this course today means a lot to me. Furthermore, it has helped me become more appreciative of how far humanity has come since the creation of the United Nations. I suggests all Peacekeepers to be deployed into any UN theather to study this course for maximum benefits.

Am grateful for the opportunity. Every topic is very well explained and also provide photographs relevant to this areas. A bit lengthy but manageable. I would like to request the Institute can provide training on administration in the field". This course is very important to provide a broad view on the subject. Thank you for this opportunity! It is a dependable reference material.

Kudos to the initiators and coordinators of the programme ". I learn more and I gain lot for UN job. I will make difference in creating professional PK army. It has full of knowledge.. Very interesting in Reading and very good didatic approach. Additionally, I managed to learn useful things from the very beginning as for UN System mainly and its activities also.

Finally, I am very proud I belong to this family and I hope to keep with members in touch for long time. Writed in a very simple language, even for a francophone like me. I also love the test after every section. An excellent compilation of the different topics which are used to train the personnel that is about to serve or has the intention on serving in a UNPKM.

In essence, the Course is richly educative and highly informative in all ramifications and measures. This oppertunity opened my eyes for what i want to do in the future. It is a good opportunity to grow as a person". I have really enjoyed. What took when preparing for peacekeeping ops in our country was not detailed like I have got now. A leader must know almost a bout all these subjects. Please let us take it serious and guide locals about their rights.

Thank u God bless u. I will recommend it to my frieds and colleagues. It has a lot of information about several relevant issues.

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Very helpful asset for pre deployment preparations. In fact as the name of the course indicates, its an excellent summery, and even beyond what I have studied in the past courses. Just this course alone would boast the morale and confidence of the personnel deployed on a field. Interesting and really important Part 4 "security and safety in UN peacekeeping operations"".

However, very few people recognize our code, making us look like the shadow of a memory book.. Gives you a basic undertanding of the UN missions structures". Although, I have undergone UN predeployment Training, studying the course by my free time provides me a sharper understanding about what to know as peacekeeper and what to expect as a peacekeeper. It is worth learning. It surely enhances my knowledge and help more effective, efficient and competent in my given task in the mission.

Infact it is a handbook for any peacekeeper whether in a mission or out of mission. I found it very fundamental. Veuillez soumettre le commentaire que vous souhaitez partager concernant ce cours. I have tried applying through website but no response.

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Thanking you Br Sanjay ". I have completed the course CPdTM and when i reviewed exam resultats i found that in question 22 The primary responsibility for the security and protection of UN staff members rests with: But in Lesson 6 - Security Management, part 6. I think a bit of First aid be expanded to help the peacekeepers get acquainted with unusual situations which require quick reaction". Especially on the Stress management one can be helped individually on a day to day living.

Despite not getting any opportunity in peacekeeping organisation but you can have a healthful living individually if one follows the way to reduce stress. Thumbs up for a well orchestrated sequence of ideas in this course. Student reviews represent the combined opinions of the English version and all translated versions of the course. Core Pre-deployment Training Materials English. Formats Available Online Training: Sample pictures from the course: Read what other students have said about the course after completing it Taito Rasaku Naitini 5 Stars.

Siad Abdi Jama 5 Stars. Tsitsis Alexandros 5 Stars. Iftikhar Ali Sandhu 5 Stars. Marius Constantin Luncanu 5 Stars. Emmanuel Bawoh 5 Stars. Stephen Kaduuli 5 Stars. I thank you" Submitted by: Ntirenganya Jean Damascene 5 Stars. Bruce Hicks 5 Stars. Evance Mallasa 5 Stars.

Musefwe Sydney 5 Stars. Mohammed Yimer Ali 5 Stars. KI Ernest 5 Stars. Sergio Alfonso Gonzalez Alvarez 5 Stars. Guilherme Ribeiro Veloso 5 Stars. Mohamed Badr 5 Stars. Filipe Machado Carolino 5 Stars. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed 5 Stars.

Core Pre-deployment Training Materials

Suman Basnet 5 Stars. Michael Addo Larbi 5 Stars. Oluwayemisi B Anefi 5 Stars. Bebi Sutomo 5 Stars. David Sunday Adesanya 4 Stars. Ussi Abuu Mnamengi 5 Stars. Aworuwa Folusho 5 Stars. Dohmatob Daniel Lobga 5 Stars. The training materials too was helpful" Submitted by: Hadish Kidane Weldegebrel 5 Stars. Hassan Khan 5 Stars. Bashir Yusuf 5 Stars. Maren P Moon 4 Stars. Ssekabira Ntege Abudu 5 Stars. Oliva Naqura 5 Stars. Some important do's and don'ts for blue helmets must be made part of this course" Submitted by: Arshad Ali Mirani 4 Stars.

Bebi Sutomo 5 Stars. David Sunday Adesanya 4 Stars. Ussi Abuu Mnamengi 5 Stars. Aworuwa Folusho 5 Stars. Dohmatob Daniel Lobga 5 Stars. The training materials too was helpful" Submitted by: Hadish Kidane Weldegebrel 5 Stars. Hassan Khan 5 Stars. Bashir Yusuf 5 Stars. Maren P Moon 4 Stars. Ssekabira Ntege Abudu 5 Stars. Oliva Naqura 5 Stars. Some important do's and don'ts for blue helmets must be made part of this course" Submitted by: Arshad Ali Mirani 4 Stars. Machane Daniel Issac 5 Stars. Ram Kumar Karki 5 Stars. Muhammad Kamran Arshad 5 Stars. Afolabi Rafiu Bukola 4 Stars. Owoola Kayode 5 Stars.

Daniel Okoh Reuben 5 Stars. Moh'd Ali Khawaldeh 5 Stars. Kasede Samuel 4 Stars. Mostafa Mahmoud Rashwan 5 Stars. Tendai Katuruza 5 Stars. Jephter Monday Usendeng 5 Stars. Raph Oswere Owego 5 Stars. Clement Monica 5 Stars. Silas Nyabenda 5 Stars. Fabian Gurtu Awary 5 Stars. Stephen Okware Odula 5 Stars. Claudio Marcelo Ortiz 5 Stars. Somchai Durman 5 Stars. Diego A Bejarano Rodriguez 5 Stars. Luis Gustavo Silva de Sousa 5 Stars. Rachid Bouajila 5 Stars.

Mohammed Jibril 5 Stars. Shakeel Ahmed 5 Stars. Ayomeno Daniel Orowo 5 Stars. Gladys Osimbo 5 Stars. Suresh Kumar Karki 5 Stars. Bidur Ranabhat 5 Stars. Thank you all, Bukhari " Submitted by: Bukhari Shikh Aden 5 Stars. Alex Mukhwana 5 Stars. Pushpraj Singh Rajawat 5 Stars. Tamunotonye Stanley Whyte 5 Stars. Abraham Otu Asu 5 Stars. I am very delighted to have taken part in this course " Submitted by: Derick Themba Mdlalose 5 Stars. Ahmad Jibril Bello 5 Stars.

It is foundational" Submitted by: Jose P Caliso 4 Stars. Andrew S Mustain 5 Stars. Renan do Nascimento Bernardes 5 Stars. Marco Sean McAllister 5 Stars. Ghulam Moazzam Khan 5 Stars. Gustavo Maximiliano Violante 5 Stars. Nice course, Thanks to you the author " Submitted by: John Ede 5 Stars. I do really appreciate it. Rajkumar Shrestha 5 Stars. Dan Bigirwa Mwangye 5 Stars. Adriano Alex Andrade 5 Stars.

Jamal Umair Awan 5 Stars.

Carlo Nganso 5 Stars. Minnessi Glenn kibikiwa 5 Stars. Hassan Ali 5 Stars. Iran dos Santos Araujo 5 Stars. It results me quite interesting. Imran Sarwar 5 Stars. Subesh Kayastha 5 Stars. Rajibul Islam 5 Stars. Tanveer Akbar Ali 5 Stars. Christopher Francis Lwoga 5 Stars. John Joseph Masalu 5 Stars. Elizabeth Phiri 5 Stars. Chipfunde Garikayi 5 Stars. Muhammad Ashraf 5 Stars. John Mutapa 5 Stars. Thank you" Submitted by: Tendai Takaruza 5 Stars. The contents" Submitted by: Ssekitoleko Richard 5 Stars. Ivan Ignjatovic 5 Stars. Ramatu Umaru 5 Stars. Samwel Mshana 5 Stars.

Brian Mwaonga 5 Stars. Emiliano P Valdez Jr 5 Stars. Green Dakor 5 Stars. Jegede Paul 5 Stars. Robert D Fai 5 Stars. Oliver Tetteh 5 Stars. It provides a full knowledge about UN missions. Chiranjibi Nepal 5 Stars. Santosh Karki 5 Stars. Carlos Eduardo Mesquita Antunes 5 Stars. Mohammed Adam Ismail 5 Stars. Catherine Wairimu Munyi 5 Stars. Different types of peacekeeping operations and the main bodies of the UN are sufficiently described, " Submitted by: Ricardo Herrera Carrillo 5 Stars. Rohit Sehgal 5 Stars. Mbutoh Divine Mpinpin 5 Stars.

Rodrigo de Sampaio Lemos 5 Stars. Md Mahbub Alam 4 Stars. Sameera Gunawardane 5 Stars. Mario Di Gennaro 5 Stars. Wu Wenying 5 Stars.

Dear Ma (Basic Training to Deployment)

Prince Manu Duodu 3 Stars. Muleya M Killian 5 Stars. Vasiloschi Lucian-Dorel 5 Stars. Victor Garcia Stanziola 5 Stars. Tauqeer Asmat 5 Stars. Ana Lucia Razuk 5 Stars. Subarna Khadka 4 Stars. Suraj Shankar 5 Stars. Jose Bertulfo Soto Sanchez 5 Stars. Mwita Msabi Magasi 5 Stars.

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Luis Eduardo Cruz Ortenzia 5 Stars. All a peacekeeper needs to know before deployment" Submitted by: La pratique de cei mais vraiment utile" Submitted by: Kabunga Toto Zacky 5 Stars. Francisco Javier Mesias Guevara 5 Stars. Lakshitha Colombage 5 Stars. Fiona Edwards 5 Stars.

Hugh Ferreira 5 Stars. Abdullahi Dauda bayawo 5 Stars. Andres Felipe Herazo Diaz 5 Stars. Abdul Waheed 5 Stars. Oscar Omoyo 5 Stars. Akuma Chukwuemeka Kingsley 5 Stars. Alberto Britez Maidana 5 Stars. Takashi Kamishiro 5 Stars. Mohammad Umar 5 Stars. Richmond Vincent 4 Stars. Edouard Kayihura 5 Stars. Richard Anthony 5 Stars. David Thabo Masigo 5 Stars.

It was detailed in all aspects covering every topic UN has in its mandate" Submitted by: Muhammad Asad Khan 4 Stars. Mukesh Kumar Rawat 4 Stars. Frederick Agyapong 5 Stars. Mawa Moses Alafi Saturlino 5 Stars. Abdulai Alhaji Sulley 5 Stars. Marcio Teixeira Amaral 5 Stars. Luciano Freitas e Sousa Filho 5 Stars. Lee Alistair William Vallance 5 Stars. Chan Kan Rika 5 Stars. Obrenovic Slobodan 5 Stars. Deng Peter Abuoi 4 Stars.