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But on Saturday morning, said Sellem, he felt a more normalized Paris — albeit with a bolstered security presence. La nouvelle annonce de Bruxelles semble ainsi paradoxale. Le plus surprenant est le ton sur lequel cette annonce est faite: Like Schliemann, his major discovery was excoriated for using the wrong methods. Academic disciplines are more committed to methodology than truth.

Such a free work could indeed only appear in America.

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Les anticatholiques militants ne semblent rien voir de tout cela. The avant-garde people are anti-Christian, and many of the Christians are anti-avant-garde. Even the Christians have been very distrustful of me. They should be criticized. Rien ne justifie ces accusations. Mel Gibson rappelle cela dans son film. Dialogue sur christianisme et relativisme Dieu, une invention? Et pourtant, il compte et comptera de plus en plus. Dans le camp des religieux il est trop durkheimien ; dans le camp des sociologues, trop religieux.

Plus rien ne la tient. Le religieux ne fait plus son office. Du moins le croit-il. Toute vengeance est une revanche. Le contraire me semblait inconcevable. Il faut dire aussi que ce mec ne fait rien comme tout le monde. Non, cent fois non: Alors, je vous vois venir: Eh bien pas du tout, si je puis me permettre! Il avait 91 ans. Nous avions une conscience profonde du danger nazi et de la guerre qui venait.

Emerge ainsi ce qui sera le grand projet de sa vie: Je me suis dit: Il a cette formule:. Puis vint le christianisme. Ou comme on termine un livre? La parole divine a beau se faire entendre — et avec quelle force! Une sorte de chaos universel. Carnets Nord, p. Gallimard, , 2 vol. Telle est la question qui taraude Schwager. Que valent nos valeurs? Je ne le crois pas. Y a-t-il question plus actuelle?

On en dira seulement quelques mots. Le plus souvent, mais pas toujours. Nous nous excluons de nos propres observations. History, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, religion, psychology and theology all figured in his oeuvre. International leaders read him, the French media quoted him. Girard influenced such writers as Nobel laureate J. Coetzee and Czech writer Milan Kundera — yet he never had the fashionable and often fleeting cachet enjoyed by his peers among the structuralists, poststructuralists, deconstructionists and other camps.

His concerns were not trendy, but they were always timeless. In particular, Girard was interested in the causes of conflict and violence and the role of imitation in human behavior. Our desires, he wrote, are not our own; we want what others want. These duplicated desires lead to rivalry and violence. He argued that human conflict was not caused by our differences, but rather by our sameness.

Individuals and societies offload blame and culpability onto an outsider, a scapegoat, whose elimination reconciles antagonists and restores unity. Girard was always a striking and immediately recognizable presence on the Stanford campus, with his deep-set eyes, leonine head and shock of silver hair. His effect on others could be galvanizing. At its heart is an idea so simple, and yet so fundamental, that it seems incredible that no one had articulated it before.

The work had an even bigger impact on Girard himself: He underwent a conversion, akin to the protagonists in the books he had cited. Girard took the criticism in stride: In , he spurred international controversy with Violence and the Sacred in English , which explored the role of archaic religions in suppressing social violence through scapegoating and sacrifice. Politics, War, and Apocalypse , which created the kind of firestorm only a public intellectual in France can ignite. The book, which takes as its point of departure the Prussian military historian and theorist Carl von Clausewitz, had implications that placed Girard firmly in the 21st century.

In the summer of , he and a friend organized an exhibition of paintings at the Palais des Papes, under the guidance of Paris art impresario Christian Zervos. Girard rubbed elbows with Picasso, Matisse, Braque and other luminaries. French actor and director Jean Vilar founded the theater component of the festival, which became the celebrated annual Avignon Festival.

Girard left a few weeks later for Indiana University in Bloomington, perhaps the single most important decision of his life, to launch his academic career. At Johns Hopkins University, Girard was one of the organizers for the conference that introduced French theory and structuralism to America. He also received a lifetime achievement award from the Modern Language Association in Others were impressed, but Girard was never greatly impressed with himself, though his biting wit sometimes rankled critics.

I find that very beautiful. His work has a steel-like quality — strong, contoured, clear. It will be there and it will last. Molly Ball The Atlantic Nov 4, Democrats have become increasingly assertive in taking liberal social positions in recent years, believing that they enjoy majority support and even seeking to turn abortion and gay rights into electoral wedges against Republicans.

There were particular factors in all of these races: But taken together these results ought to inspire caution among liberals who believe their cultural views are widely shared and a recipe for electoral victory. Yet many liberals angrily reject the suggestion that the push to reduce incarceration could lead to a political backlash based on anecdotal reports of sensational crimes. En contre-bas se trouve le mur des Lamentations vestige du mur occidental du Second Temple. Cela sauve votre honneur. Dieu est avec vous. I24news Tout le monde se demande ce que nous devrions faire.

Nous avons besoin de votre protection. Nous avons besoin de vous. The first two intifadas were organized. In the First Intifada, you had the children of the stones, but you also had the Tanzim [the militant faction of the Fatah movement] that really guided the destruction. It was a mistake because it implies that if tomorrow there were no settlements, this issue would be solved.

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The idea that there is frustration against Israelis is true. But there is also frustration against their own leadership. And if they are too weak to criticize, they are too weak to be held accountable, too weak to be responsible. Well, if you want the Palestinians to have the responsibility of a state, you have to hold them responsible. The first instinct, instead of criticizing this for what it is, is to want to look for another explanation.

And I have a problem with that. And he sees that as a function of the Bush administration — an image, fairly or not, that Bush was at war with Islam. So he wants to reach out and show that the US is not so close to the Israelis, which he thinks also feeds this perception. Now, I had no problem with saying we should limit settlement activity. But the idea that there should be a complete settlement freeze, including natural growth, was a mistake. Part of the appeal of the settlement freeze to the president was that it was a way he can show distance from the Israelis in a way that also mattered to the Arabs.

I never said that this was a condition. The Americans created this condition. So it became an excuse for him. He used that language in the Cairo speech and I said this to him afterword, in July when I got there. He understands that every administration has had a problem with settlements, which is true.


Since the Reagan administration, the US made a policy that settlements were a political issue and not a legal issue. I mean they have fundamentally different worldviews. To give you an illustration, even though the president says this is a transaction and not a transformation with Iran, I think he believes that this deal will not only constrain the Iranian program in a real way that has not been achieved until now, but more than that, it will be empowering, at least potentially, the more pragmatic forces within Iran and those around [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani.

One of my main concerns is what happens after year 15, when they basically can have as large a program as they want, and the gap between threshold status and weapon status becomes very small. To deal with that vulnerability you have to bolster your deterrence in a way that convinces them there is a firewall between threshold status and weapons status. They have to be convinced of that. I would like to see us do things that to create that firewall and the legitimacy of it in the eyes of the rest of the world. And everybody knows that and accepts that, and it becomes legitimate.

I think this is a harbinger of things to come. It tends to look at Israel through a lens that is more competitive, more combative, that sees Israel more in problematic terms. The difference is that you had her predecessor [Donilon] whose mindset was very different. He saw Israel through a collaborative-partnership premise and prism. Look at what had they been hearing leading up to it. They had been hearing that Iran poses the greatest threat of the 21st Century.

Then they see this outpouring against it. Our relationship to Israel is not what drives their behavior toward us. Mais on se demande un peu en quoi elle consiste au juste. Personnellement, je distinguerais deux classes principales: Aucune religion, nulle part dans le monde, ne raisonne dans ces termes. The most comprehensive and lively chapters are about the administrations in which Ross worked, most notably, that of President Barack Obama.

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He also shared his policy recommendations for the future. What do you make of the current violence in Israel, this wave of terror? What was your response when Secretary of State John Kerry began linking frustration over settlements to the violence? It was a mistake to say that. In your book you say that is a tendency of the Obama administration.

Yeah, one of the problems is that the president has been very good when it comes to security issues, but because he looks at the Palestinians as being weak, there is this reluctance to criticize them. I have worried about and said publicly that the greatest single problem we have is the growing disbelief on the part of Israelis and Palestinians, alike, in the other, and the purposes of the other.

But the American approach ought to recognize the choices are not binary between solving everything or doing nothing. We should be focused on how do you work to diffuse tension? How do you begin to create some sense of belief again on each side? How do you change the realities on the ground? And how do you create the conditions for peacemaking? And you make the point that Obama made a very deliberate decision to take the approach of distance.

When the president comes in, he thinks we have a major problem with Arabs and Muslims. Well, I was in the State Department at that time and was working on Iran. But the president asked me about it. When [then US special envoy for Middle East Peace George] Mitchell and I go to brief him for a meeting with Bibi, Mitchell lays out the key to the meeting, which was to get the settlement freeze.

The reason why a limitation on settlement activity was preferable was because it was something we could define. Do you think there was also a miscalculation of the Palestinian political dynamic? The first time I raised that issue to the president it was news to him because it really had not been raised to him before. But Obama is much more careful about it himself after that conversation.

Well their meetings would almost always be quite good — at a high level, serious, thoughtful. The problem would always emerge afterword, when one or the other would do something that would make the other feel betrayed over what had been in the meeting itself. So that contributed over time to a kind of mutual distrust. The other thing is that they have different worldviews. Netanyahu sees this as empowering Iran to do more in the region.


In effect, I see them each as seeing this deal as a potential game changer, but they define the game very differently. Obama sees the game as being changed because you may be able to alter the reality within Iran, which will change their behavior over time in the region for the better. The deal itself buys you 15 years. Well, I would like to see a joint consultative committee between the United States and Israel on the implementation. But I would also like that committee to be a forum for contingency planning to deal with options for when the Iranians ratchet up what they will do in the region.

Given given the nature and intensity of the divide between the US and Israel on this deal, there has been a lot of rhetoric saying this moment is the worst in the U. You write in the book about other moments that were considerably worse, during the Eisenhower administration, the Reagan administration after the invasion of Lebanon in —. This is the lowest point since the siege of Beirut and then Sabra-Shatila. I mean, look, Reagan threatens the future of the relationship. Reagan, who has an emotional connection. Eisenhower actually contemplates the use of force against the Israelis to get the IDF out of the Sinai.

One of the reasons for writing the book is to put everything in perspective, but also to draw the lessons from the past, to apply them to the next administration. Because so many of the assumptions are where we have always started off. This whole issue of distancing. That psychology seems to be reflected in your depiction of Susan Rice in the book. I was showing a contrast between her approach and the Tom Donilon [former national security adviser] approach.

The administration thought they had done something good. Now the flip side of that is, I was in Israel that day and spoke to Bibi, who interpreted Obama as saying he had taken the military option off the table. Here again I draw the contrast. I contacted Kerry who said he would talk to the prime minister because that was absolutely not the case. He thinks he heard this from the president.

Now, if Donilon had still been the national security adviser, who had this collaborative relationship, he would have known there was a misunderstanding and would have tried to clear it up himself or arranged another phone call. And if you have a difference already and you superimpose a misunderstanding on it, the difference becomes worse.

What are you looking to come out of Bibi-Obama meeting on November 9? I do think there will be an instinct to mend fences. I also think the prime minister, for his own reasons, needs to show that he really approaches America in a non-partisan way. Being in the early stages of a presidential election, candidates are starting to flesh out their policy views toward Israel. But the best case is to look at the region. The state system is under assault. The character of conflict is over the most fundamental thing it can be over — identity and who is going to be able to define it. We need one pillar of democracy and stability in that region, given all the uncertainty, all the conflicts and the terrible nature of those conflicts, of the turmoil we are going to see.

Israel is that one pillar. Cet article est une traduction de: Je pleure de jalousie! Marta Rossetti Batista, Brasil: Marta Rossetti Batista, Anita Malfatti: Pierre Bourdieu, As regras da arte: Lauro Cavalcanti, Moderno e brasileiro: Tadeu Chiarelli, Um jeca nos vernissages: Tadeu Chiarelli, Um modernismo que veio depois: Frederico Coelho, A semana sem fim: Maria de Fatima Morethy Couto, Por uma vanguarda nacional: Annateresa Fabris, O futurismo paulista: Annateresa Fabris, Modernidade e modernismo no Brasil, Campinas, Luiz Marques, 30 Mestres da Pintura no Brasil: Sergio Miceli, Nacional estrangeiro: Enio Passiani, Nas trilha do Jeca: Heloisa Pontes, Destinos mistos: Marcelo Ridenti, Em busca do povo brasileiro: Buenos Aires y , Buenos Aires, Simon Schwartzman et al.

Cristiana Tejo et al. Turunas e Quixotes, Rio de Janeiro, Daryle Williams, Culture Wars in Brazil: Assim se explicam os sucessos dos bailados russos, das gravuras japonesas e da musica negra. Fortifiquem-se bem de teorias e desculpas e coisas vistas em Paris. E se fizeram futuristas! Tarsila, Tarsila, volta para dentro de ti mesma. Architecture New and Old, , Philip L. Voir aussi Haroldo de Campos: Nous sommes le moule.

Quelque des 1. A committee in the Chamber of Deputies approved the proposal late Tuesday, though it must get through the full lower house and Senate, then be signed by President Dilma Rousseff in order to become law. Brandishing handwritten banners against the proposal, around demonstrators breezed past security guards and onto the floor of the sporting arena in Palmas. Hundreds of others ran to join the group as spectators cheered them on.

Molly Galloway T2 - Gloire aux vainqueurs

The announcer initially ignored the mass of protesters — although, dressed in feathers body paint, with some brandishing spears or bows and arrows, they proved impossible to ignore. Narube Werreria, a young woman from the Karaja nation, scrambled up into the VIP area and seized the microphone to deliver a heated attack on the proposal. The protest was loud but peaceful. After about 20 minutes, the demonstrators turned and filed quietly out of the arena.

Panamanian Cesar Cires had been slated to take part in a demonstration of the traditional games of his Ngabe-Bugle people, but his event was among the activities scrapped. Un geste remarquable, fait avec autant de modestie que de naturel. Qui aurait pu penser une chose pareille! Honni soit qui mal y pense! Je voudrais rappeler le souvenir des deux vraies victimes.

Le premier chutait lourdement sur le trottoir: Moreau, mais pas Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec. He was 3 years old, from war-torn Syria. His final journey was supposed to end in sanctuary in Europe; instead it claimed his life and highlighted the plight of desperate people caught in the gravest refugee crisis since World War II. The child pictured facedown in red T-shirt and shorts was identified as Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian Kurd from Kobani, a town near the Turkish border that has witnessed months of heavy fighting between Islamic State and Syrian Kurdish forces.

He drowned after the foot boat ferrying him from the Turkish beach resort of Bodrum to the Greek island of Kos capsized shortly before dawn on Wednesday, killing 12 passengers. His father, Abdullah, was the only family member to survive. On Thursday, a distraught Mr. Kurdi, 40, told reporters he was preparing to take the bodies back to Kobani for burial and would stay there. Kurdi brought his family to Turkey three years ago after fleeing fighting first in Damascus, where he worked as a barber, then in Aleppo, then Kobani. His Facebook page shows pictures of the family in Istanbul crossing the Bosporus and feeding pigeons next to the famous Yeni Cami, or new mosque.

From his hospital bed on Wednesday, Mr. He said they depended on his sister, Tima Kurdi, who lived in Canada, for help paying the rent. Kurdi, speaking Thursday in a Vancouver suburb, said that their father, still in Syria, had suggested Abdullah go to Europe to get his damaged teeth fixed and find a way to help his family leave Turkey. The father of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed ashore on a Turkish beach, spoke with reporters after harrowing images of his dead son were published across the globe.

Kurdi recounted him telling her. At the morgue, Mr. Kurdi described what happened after they set off from the deserted beach, under cover of darkness. He panicked and dived into the sea and fled. I took over and started steering, the waves were so high the boat flipped.

I took my wife in my arms and I realized they were all dead. Kurdi gave different accounts of what happened next. In one interview, he said he swam ashore and walked to the hospital. In another, he said he was rescued by the coast guard. They are all gone now. Now all I want to do is sit next to the grave of my wife and children. Kurdi said her brother had sent her a text message around 3 a. Turkish time Wednesday confirming they had set off.

The next time she spoke to him, he was in shock, telling her how he fought vainly to keep his two boys alive in the water, one tucked under each arm. One by one, as he realized they were dead, he closed his eyes and let go, she said. Turkish news agencies reported Thursday that police had detained four Syrians suspected of involvement in arranging the boat.

Across the world, news organizations published a variety of iterations of the image of the boy, with many expressing editorial outrage at the perceived inaction of developed nations to help refugees. Canadian media had cited Ms. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey—which has taken 1. He accused the European Union of bickering over distribution of immigrants while much poorer nations like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon take in millions of refugees from Syria, Iraq and beyond.

Demir, who has been photographing immigration since Courage du pouvoir et pouvoir du courage: Vous mangerez la chair de vos fils, et vous mangerez la chair de vos filles. Il appela dix de ses serviteurs, leur donna dix mines, et leur dit: Le premier vint, et dit: Le second vint, et dit: Seigneur, ta mine a produit cinq mines.

Un autre vint, et dit: Seigneur, il a dix mines. Mais le Christ dit aussi: But that verse is part of a parable. The three-cornered relations of predecessor-hood and successor-hood between the monotheisms are vexed enough without confusing Christ with a Dalek. This is not just in the King James version: I do not know whether a historical Jesus of Nazareth — speaking Aramaic, presumably — really said such a bloodthirsty thing, and, if so, how he meant it, but the Bible clearly suggests that he did say it.

But then he seems to have been, as we peer at him through the multiple screens of text, a remarkably slippery and complicated storyteller, up there with Kafka in his nuanced layering of implication. His parables tend to leak, disturbingly. For me, the decisive factor in not reading this one as bloodstained zealotry is that it is followed immediately in Luke by his arrival in Jerusalem, and his orchestration of a deliberately paradoxical and impractical bid for a throne, carefully arranged so that unlike all the other rebellions against Roman rule, it should produce a body-count of exactly one, himself.

I wonder if it is our desire to stick him with the bill for the later bloodshed of Christian history, and Christian-Jewish relations, that creates the present urge to Dalekify him. En un sens, ils ont raison. Car nous sommes en France et non en Allemagne! Extraits de Sur la question juive de Karl Marx: La Question Juive K.

So it is a mistake to think of the totalitarian movements as isolated. The eyes of the world have not been on these millions who have been killed in the last twenty years. The Nazis thought they were engaged in a biological struggle. The Stalinists thought they were the proletariat and their enemies were the bourgeois exploiters.

The Baathists and Islamists see a cosmic Zionist-Crusader conspiracy.

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It is important to keep a sense of the madness in these ideas, even if it is true that in the years after World War I some Germans were oppressed outside of the borders of Germany, and Israel and the U. All of the totalitarian movements were at bottom ideological movements, not based on a normal sense of grievances of political claims or expression of real-life interests, but movements based on ideological visions. Each of these movements in the past was defeated not militarily but ideologically.

The defeat of Nazism militarily would not have been all that helpful if Germany, which is inherently an extremely wealthy and powerful society, had continued to remain a society of millions and millions of convinced Nazis. The same is true now. The struggle we are involved in now has, had, and will continue to have a military aspect, but this aspect must be secondary to the ideological aspect, to the war of ideas.

The basic danger we are facing now is not weapons of mass destruction, per se, because we know very well that box cutters can be lethal weapons of the worst sort. It is above all ideological. As long as millions of people are committed fanatically to doctrines that are ultimately mad and that follow in the tradition of the totalitarian madnesses of Europe in the twentieth century, the danger persists. I maintain that the struggle we are involved in is, or ought to be, ultimately a war of ideas. When the Israeli athletes were murdered in Munich [in ], most European countries freed them when they came to their country.

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