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The Precious Blood of Christ, Chapter 1

On 10 August of the same year, he officially included the feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the General Roman Calendar for celebration on the first Sunday in July, the first Sunday after 30 June, the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Rome from the insurgents. In reducing the number of feasts fixed for Sundays, Pope Pius X assigned the date of 1 July to this feast. In Catholic belief, the Blood of Christ is precious because it is Christ's own great ransom paid for the redemption of mankind. In this belief, as there was to be no remission of sin without the shedding of blood, the " Incarnate Word " not only offered his life for the salvation of the world, but he offered to give up his life by a bloody death, and to hang bloodless, soulless and dead upon the Cross for the salvation of humanity.

Jesus is said to have given his life - his blood - for the sake of all humanity , atoning for every form of human sin. The Precious Blood is a call to repentance and reparation. The hymn at Lauds on the feast is Salvete Christi Vulnera , which is known since at least Because an infinite being was in His Being offended by His creatures, only an Infinite Being could provide adequate ransom to redeem. And you would think that Peter would find two better words than gold and silver. Because of all material things that are corruptible, two of the most incorruptible are gold and silver.

But not even the most precious things that the world can provide, no other ransom, would have been adequate. But we have been redeemed, bought back, ransomed, by the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God. Try not to forget the title. Precious Blood is the revealed title, part of God's inspired biblical teaching in the first letter of the first Vicar of Christ. I'm not quite finished yet with part one. It is the Blood of the living God who took on human nature, capable of shedding His Blood.

Why was the Blood of Christ Precious? Because it is the Blood of God who took on human nature in order to be able to suffer and to bleed and, let us add, in order to bleed to death.

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Because it is the Blood of the living God. We now ask ourselves, what in the spirituality of Father Gerald was his understanding of the role of the Precious Blood in the life of a priest? Remember, Father Gerald's spirituality is a priestly spirituality. I would like to read at some length, the text goes back to July, the traditional month of the Precious Blood, the year It is twenty years before his death.


Father wrote a short essay on the Precious Blood and the Priest. I would like to quote some pertinent passages. As I have been saying and will repeat more than once, it is not just my forty years in the priesthood, it is my lifetime relationship with by now hundreds of priests, most of whom, thank God, have remained faithful to their priestly vocations - but not all. If there is one mystery of the faith that every priest should meditate on every day, it is: That's why God became Man, so that He might have a human Body with living, human Blood, and have a human will so that, by shedding His own Blood voluntarily He might be the Victim, and by shedding that Blood voluntarily He might be the Priest.

When priests are ordained, we are told by the ordaining prelate, to be what we are called, to live up to what we offer, to become like the one Who ordains us, the High Priest Jesus Christ. A priest is ordained, not - dear Lord - not for himself but for others. He should spend himself. Like my dear friend, Father Pusatari in Rome, one of Rome's exorcists, told me: In a word, to drain his blood.

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That is Part two of our reflections. Devotion to the Precious Blood is not a spiritual option, it is a spiritual obligation, and that not only for priests, but for every follower of Christ. I really believe, and I hesitate even saying this, but I really believe that one of the symptoms of modern society and I would even include, sadly, modern Catholic society one of the symptoms of a growing, gnawing secularism is the lessening and the weakening of devotion to the Precious Blood.

Devotion, as we know, is a composite of three elements: It is first- veneration, it is secondly- invocation, and it is thirdly- imitation. In other words, devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ, the Lamb of God who was slain, is first of all to be veneration on our part, which is a composite of knowledge, love and adoration.

Father John A. Hardon, S.J. Archives

We are to study to come to a deeper understanding of what those two - I am afraid for many people - casual words, Precious Blood, really mean. I found this passage in the oldest document, outside of sacred scripture, from the first century of the Christian era - to be exact, from Pope St. Clement I, dated about 96 A. To understand the meaning of the Precious Blood we must otherwise the mystery will be lost on us , we must get some comprehension of the gravity of sin, of the awfulness of offending God, because it required the Blood of the Son of God to forgive that sin.

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  • We are living in an age in which to sin has become fashionable. But we believe that we are here for only a very short time. We further believe that Christ when He told us the way that leads to damnation is broad and many there are who walk that way, that the way that leads to eternal life is narrow and there are few who walk that way. I am watching every syllable I am saying. The Church has never pronounced infallibly on the number lost and the number saved, but she has canonized St.

    John of the Cross and made him a Doctor of the Church. How can these be overcome? Only by the blood of Christ.

    Powerful Clearing Prayer to Our Lady of the Precious Blood, Praise be the Precious Blood of Jesus

    When Adam sinned in the garden of Eden, he immediately hid from God. Before Adam sinned, he enjoyed God and was in His presence all the time.

    Blood of Christ

    Yet after he sinned, he hid. Sin always results in separation from God. Even as a Christian you may experience this. After committing some little sin, you sense a great gulf between you and God. Because God is righteous, He cannot tolerate sins. This is what the prophet Isaiah said: God loves you, but He abhors your sins. As long as your sins remain, God must stay away. In this condition, you feel far from God.

    For God to come, sins must go. There is only one thing in the entire universe that can take away sins—the precious blood of Christ. No amount of prayer, no amount of weeping, no ritual, no penance, no promise to do better, no guilty feeling, no period of waiting—no, nothing but the precious blood of Christ—can remove sins. This is illustrated in Exodus.

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