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They made eye contact there; they made hand and lip contact there; they clasped each other and made full body contact there; and after their fifth or so contact, Rukhmoni emerged from there with a light step, a radiant smile, and deliciously pregnant, though still unaware of it. Stories that will leave an after-taste like that which lingers in your mouth hours after a particularly tasty meal. Stories to mull over, to assimilate, and to enjoy.

He met Svetlana when she came in one blustery afternoon. Sweet, waif-like, delicate, blue-grey eyes, pink lips and cheeks; she was a happy person and smiled a lot showing pearly even teeth. He saw her delicate fingers as she bent over and handled the trinkets on the shelf; he noticed her almost translucent skin and light brown hair beaded with droplets from the mist outside.

Harry stood stunned …that smile hit him plumb between the eyes.

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Harry was a goner. Basically a love story with all the twists and turns of real life.

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Secret love between a college going Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. They were a Muslim family — a family of four: Were the women in purdah, he wondered? Would he ever see the girl's face or will she always be in purdah? He whistled tunelessly and skipped down the stairs. The neighbors have arrived. This is a delightful collection of twenty-five crisp and intriguing short stories that will enliven and charm your leisure hours. An economy of words; a simplicity of style; and a tempo and cadence that match the brisk life-style of today. All the stories have an Indian aroma and diaspora.

The story details the insults and abuse John tolerates. Tom and his young sister come to live in the Rowal mansion. John gradually wins acceptance by the family. Young Sally, is his trump card. But Sally has also fascinated John. Thinking of Sally makes him horny and want to go back to her on this other farm. If his wife wishes to stay, she can, BUT without him.

His butt is paining ever since he got here — those saddles are solid hard pain-in-the-arse leather, man!

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And his mother-in-law is a deeper pain in the exact same spot. Short stories are a trend today as are e-books where a large number can be accommodated on a reading devise.

This volume is a collection of crisp well written short stories with an Indian backdrop; the stories are written in a style that matches the fast pace life-trend of today. They are pitched to hold ones interest right through to the end where a surprise conclusion leaves a tingling after-glow. He would marry her he resolved.

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Sameer studied the young girl as she flitted between guests: He gazed at her slim arms, her dainty hands, her light smiling eyes, and her bountiful dark hair that cascaded down highlighting her fair skin. She was, in one word, lovely. The most nutritious food, the food that no nutritionist can improve upon, the only food that is effective for your good health and being is provided by the neuronal electric play of the brain that vitalizes the entire organism. Its wellbeing and vigor is reflected in your composure: To a Mountain in Tibet. The Story of a Brief Marriage.

The Story of My Assassins. Siddhartha Wisehouse Classics Edition.

The Honey Gatherer

The Fall Before the Rise. In the Land of Silence: Learning with my Master. A Matter of Small Matters. Never Not Ever Here Now. Masters, Mice and Men. Man of a Thousand Chances.

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Babaji - Gateway to the Light. Inspiring Stories for Children, Vol 3. In Worship of Shiva. The Moon in the Sun. D Siva Rama Krishna. Prisoners of the Rusted Cage. Beneath the Banyan Tree. Prey by the Ganges. The Successor of the World. Way of the Snow Crane. Through the Forest Darkly.

The Spirit of Zen. Enthralling Tales of Ordinary Depths. A Tale Of Two Indians. Far Beyond the Dead End. Laugh Like a Dog: How to write a great review.