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I'm am an author with five printed books and eight Kindle books available on Amazon. I have several more books in the mill, and work on whichever one inspires me at the moment. My husband Richard and I work as a team. I write, he edits, does the layout work and the digital conversion for the e-books.

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He also created and maintains our web site and occasionally creates web sites for others. My book, "Midnight Daylight," is a true, somewhat humorous account of my trip to Alaska, and learning the hard way of how to survive on my own in a year old trapper's cabin. The "Inky the Raven" series of books are based upon an actual bird my mother found when she was a child, and raised until it could be safely released into the wild.

He was a very curious bird and kept getting into trouble, but learned many lessons along the way. Kids reading these books benefit from Inky's experiences. My problem is that I'm a very creative person who has to be working on something most all the time. I get an idea and I just have to try it to see how it turns out. I must be doing something right as I have quite a following concerning my artistic endeavors books, cards, scenery collages, hand-dyed scarves, and hand-crocheted designer accessories.

Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Midnight Daylight, Raven's own story Mar 11, Light unleashes a glowing whip which he uses the break the staff in two. Robin backs away from the villain's attack. Robin backs up near the ledge and jumps over the villain and kicks the man in the back of the head. The villain recovers and fires again only to jump out of the way as a large dinosaur tail comes crashing down where he was standing.

Light falls towards the main platform and sees the three heroes right in front of him.

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Raven appears standing tall over him with dark tentacles appearing from beneath her cloak. Light's expression turns to fear as he remembers the last time he encountered the young heroine. His skin turns pale and he felt a cold chill run up his spine. Cyborg climbs back up the platform while spitting out water. He looks down at his forearm and sees the time causing a huge smile to appear on his face.

As the heroes prepare to escort the villain away Raven turns towards home.

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This caused the heroes to stop and turn towards their friend. In downtown Chicago, it is nighttime. There is no sign of life and no sounds that can be heard except police sirens that are coming from a distance. Nearby there is a large apartment where for some reason any residents staying at this place end up disappearing.

One of these residents was a family whose son claims a dark spirit killed them, before he committed suicide in an institution where he was locked up. Despite the best efforts from the police they couldn't find out what was going on and where the people were. Suddenly a body falls from the top of the building and lands on top of an abandoned car smashing the roof. The car's alarm begins going off causing the noise to echo throughout the whole neighborhood. Then, something begins moving in the car.

The body that fell from the roof was somehow not dead. Out of the car comes a teenage girl around 18 years of age.

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She has short black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. She is wearing a long black trench coat, dark jeans, shirt, and gloves. She looks back in the car and pulls out her hat. She cleans it from the debri and puts it back on her head. She then hears the door from the building opening nearby. The next thing she hears is a low death rattling sound.

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Letting out a loud groan the young girl looks over to see who it is. The source of the sound is coming from a pale skin woman with long black hair, looks dead, and is crawling towards her. The young girl pulls out a piece of gum and puts it in her mouth. She then moves her hand into the remains of the car with a small smile on her face.

Now, you're trying to finish the job? The dead rattling woman approaches the girl inching closer and closer towards her. The girl waits for it until the woman is close enough. The woman now an inches away from the girl's feet as she looks up at her. The woman lets out a loud death rattling sound. The girl then pulls out a silver shotgun from the car and puts the barrel in the woman's mouth.

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She shoots at the woman killing her and sending her into the afterlife. The girl puts her gun away and takes out a small chain from her pocket. Aiming it at the building the chain begins to glow white.

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Once she was sure it didn't change any other color she puts it away and pulls out her cell phone. The job is done," says the girl through the phone. The girl puts the phone away and begins limping down the street. That's the end and I hope everyone likes how this went. Granted it's not like the first version, but hopefully it's still good.

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  8. Also if anyone can guess what was that woman the girl was fighting at the end will get a cookie, no milk sorry. You get your own milk. I want to thank again my friend Wolf2 for his help. I appreciate it my friend. Please leave some reviews and let me know what you guys thought of the chapter.